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Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (March 1964)



Dear Friends:

As St. Valentine's Day bows its lace-paper embroidered head, and March wings its windy way toward the vernal equinox, I feel called upon to add a few cogent remarks about this great Christian martyr of the Third Century. In all innocence he really put the modern male on the spot. Comparing Valentine's Day recipients' remarks the other night I learned some wives, when receiving expensive gifts from expansive husbands, accept them graciously while others are incited to determine the motive for this largesse.

Back in the Third Century husbands seldom gave their wives tokens of appreciation, from what I've read. We've learned by way of Shakespeare that some of these chaps were far ahead, in mayhem and murder, than are the dilettantes of our times. Still in this issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine it is obvious some of these early wielders of wickedness may have been reincarnated. Even the ladies of an earlier day such as Lucretia, and Xanthippe, would pale at some present day plots. For instance, anyone with an appetite for terror might try THE INTARSIA BOX by August Derleth as an aperitif.

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