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Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV) - Season 2


The second season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents ran from 30/Sep/1956 to 23/Jun/1957, with Hitchcock directing the following episodes:

DVD Releases

The following official DVD releases contain the episodes from this series of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents":

9058.gif Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season Two - Universal (USA, 2006)
Amazon (USA)
NTSC 1.33:1
9065.gif Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season Two - Universal (UK, 2007)
Amazon (UK)
PAL 1.33:1

Season 2 Episode List

The following is a complete of the episodes, with the original broadcast date shown in brackets. Please note that the episode summaries may contain spoilers!

  1. Wet Saturday (30/Sep/1956)
  2. Fog Closing In (07/Oct/1956)
  3. De Mortuis (14/Oct/1956)
  4. Kill with Kindness (21/Oct/1956)
  5. None Are So Blind (28/Oct/1956)
  6. Toby (04/Nov/1956)
  7. Alibi Me (11/Nov/1956)
  8. Conversation Over a Corpse (18/Nov/1956)
  9. Crack of Doom (25/Nov/1956)
  10. Jonathan (02/Dec/1956)
  11. The Better Bargain (09/Dec/1956)
  12. The Rose Garden (16/Dec/1956)
  13. Mr. Blanchard's Secret (23/Dec/1956)
  14. John Brown's Body (30/Dec/1956)
  15. Crackpot (06/Jan/1957)
  16. Nightmare in 4-D (13/Jan/1957)
  17. My Brother, Richard (20/Jan/1957)
  18. The Manacled (27/Jan/1957)
  19. A Bottle of Wine (03/Feb/1957)
  20. Malice Domestic (10/Feb/1957)
  21. Number Twenty-Two (17/Feb/1957)
  22. The End of Indian Summer (24/Feb/1957)
  23. One for the Road (03/Mar/1957)
  24. The Cream of the Jest (10/Mar/1957)
  25. I Killed the Count: Part 1 (17/Mar/1957)
  26. I Killed the Count: Part 2 (24/Mar/1957)
  27. I Killed the Count: Part 3 (31/Mar/1957)
  28. One More Mile to Go (07/Apr/1957)
  29. Vicious Circle (14/Apr/1957)
  30. The Three Dreams of Mr. Findlater (21/Apr/1957)
  31. The Night the World Ended (28/Apr/1957)
  32. The Hands of Mr. Ottermole (05/May/1957)
  33. A Man Greatly Beloved (12/May/1957)
  34. Martha Mason, Movie Star (19/May/1957)
  35. The West Warlock Time Capsule (26/May/1957)
  36. Father and Son (02/Jun/1957)
  37. The Indestructible Mr. Weems (09/Jun/1957)
  38. A Little Sleep (16/Jun/1957)
  39. The Dangerous People (23/Jun/1957)