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American Cinematographer (1940) - Rudy Mate Becomes a Citizen




There is one scene for Alfred Hitchcock's new Wanger picture "Foreign Correspondent" which Rudy Mate didn't photograph. He was excused for an hour to become a citizen of the United States. When he returned he found his luncheon waiting for him — and forty members of the crew — on Stage 5 with Director Hitchcock (center) the host and a nice white angel food cake crested with the American emblem as a piece de resistance.

Rudy's set associates gave him a script bearing sixty-five names. Scenarist Joan Harrison and Hitchcock's secretary, Carol Stevens, supervised the luncheon service. Was Rudy happy? The smile Cameraman Bill Walling captured in this still was not acting. Mate (with scroll) was bom in Poland of Hungarian parents and educated in France. He has been a cinematographer in Hollywood six years and twice nominated for Academy honors.