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Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette (11/Feb/1939) - The Lady Vanishes




Hitchcock Voted Best Film Director of 1938

Alfred Hitchcock, the man who made the first British talkie ten years ago, got a cable from New York on Wednesday. It said: "New York critics take pleasure in announcing today that Alfred Hitchcock has won their award for the best direction of 1938 of a motion picture for 'The Lady Vanishes.' signed, Leo Mischan, 'Morning Telegraph.'"

"The Lady Vanishes," a British made picture, Gainsborough's international spy drama, made under the direction of Alfred Hitchcock, will be presented at the Forum Cinema. Bath, next week.

Scenes of international espionage take place in a Balkan travellers' inn, the hotel lounge and a continental border-bound express.

A full length train, including dining cars, rest-room corridors, bathroom and second and first-class compartments was built from photographs with every detail authentic right down to the actual luggage carriers as used on a well-known Austrian line.

An imposing array of talent was engaged for "The Lady Vanishes," including Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave, Paul Lukas, the well-known American stage and screen star; Dame May Whitty, veteran British character actress, who has lately achieved great success in several Hollywood pictures; Basil Radford, Cecil Parker, Linden Travers, Mary Clare, Emile Boreo and Naunton Wayne.

During next week the Forum will be opened daily at 1.20 with a continuous programme from 1.30 p.m., and. as a guide to our readers, we give below the times of. showing: "The Lady Vanishes" 2.55, 6.10 and 8.22, "Breaking the Ice" at 1.30, 4.40, 7.50 featuring one of Hollywood's most accomplished musicians, Bobby Breen, the 11-year-old singing star. Universal Super Talking News will be given at 4.30 and 7.44.