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Bloomfield, California

Bloomfield is a small town in Sonoma County, California. It is located in a rural area about 11 miles southwest of Santa Rosa, at the junction of Bloomfield Road and Valley Ford Road.

Hitchcock's Films

The Birds (1963)

Although Hitchcock used Bodega Bay and the nearby town of Bodega for the majority of exterior locations in The Birds, he also shot a short sequence on Bloomfield Road, in the small town of Bloomfield.[1]

The sequence was ultimately cut from the film and all that survives now is a publicity still showing Tippi Hedren and Rod Taylor walking down a road strewn with dead birds. In the background, a car has crashed into the porch of a house. Further down the road, it's possible to see a small group of onlookers, who were likely either local residents or members of the film crew.

The building in the foreground with the crashed car is Stormy's Tavern[2] and the building behind with the side staircase is the local Masonic lodge. Beyond the lodge is the local town hall.

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