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Film Bulletin (17/Nov/1941) - Studio Size-Ups: Universal





Frank Lloyd has concluded a deal with Alfred Hitchcock which brings the rotund master of suspense over to his Universal unit to direct Hitchcock's own story, "The Saboteur." Lloyd will produce only—marking the first time he has not personally directed one of his productions ... Rex Beach's twice-filmed "The Spoilers" will be made again by the Frank Lloyd unit of Universal, with Marlene Dietrich, Randolph Scott and John Wayne. . ."The Death of Francis Newsome" has replaced "They Lived Alone" on Bruce Manning's production schedule. The latter was to have been Deanna Durbin's next vehicle. . .U's distribution officials were disappointed that the Radio City Music Hall could hold "Appointment For Love" only one week. Pic did $86,000 in six days, but the Hall is jammed up with product and had to pull it after the first week.

IN PRODUCTION — "Destiny" (Claude Rains-Maria Ouspenskaya), "Frisco Lil" (Irene Hervey-Kent Taylor), "Temporary Bride" (Jane Prazee-Robert Paige).