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Hitchcock (BBC, 1982)

producer Jane Lush
company BBC (1982)
length 30 minutes

A short documentary about Hitchcock, written by John Russell Taylor. It was broadcast on BBC2 on 22 July 1982, not long after Alma Reville's death.

Broadcaster's Summary

Alfred Hitchcock died in 1980. He had made 53 full-length feature films-his career spanned almost the entire history of movie-making. He is probably the most famous film director of all time — his face as recognisable as the stars he used in his pictures. In this preview of an extensive television season of his films, he talks about his work and methods as the master of the thriller, and explains the thinking behind many of his most famous films, from the first British talkie, Blackmail, to such classics as Psycho, Rebecca, Notorious, Shadow of a Doubt and Dial M for Murder.


  • This documentary has not been released on home video.


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