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Hitchcock Chronology: Savoy Hotel, London

Entries in the Hitchcock Chronology relating to Savoy Hotel, London...



  • 5th - Producer Victor Saville and actress Betty Compson arrive into Southampton aboard the Olympic.[1] After arriving into London, Compson attends a lavish fancy dress party in her honour at the Savoy Hotel, prior to filming starting on Woman to Woman. According to Motion Picture News, "when Betty was called upon to make a speech she replied with commendable brevity (a virtue which should be acquired by several of our best film speakers) that she was in England to do her job, and meant to do it well."[2][3]



  • 6th - Hitchcock is one of 300 guests attending a luncheon ceremony to honour pilot Amy Johnson at the Savoy Hotel, London. The Hon. Esmond Harmsworth presents Miss Johnson with a cheque for £10,000. The other attendees from the world of British cinema are listed as Brian Aherne, Noel Coward, Annie Croft, Gwenn ffrangeon-Davis, Maurice Evans, Jean Forbes-Robertson, Nancy Heath, W.H. Heath, Lupino Lane, Charles Laughton, Frank Lawton, Auriol Lee, Alison Leggett, Ivor Novello, Mabel Poulton and Glen Byam Shaw.[4]



  • 23rd - The Institute of Amateur Cinematographers award a gold medal of merit to Hitchcock at luncheon at the Savoy for the "finest film of the year made in Britain", The Man Who Knew Too Much.[5]



  • 3rd - The Hitchcocks arrive into Southampton aboard the RMS Queen Elizabeth and then travel on to London where they stay at the Savoy.[6]


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