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In early 1939, several sources announced that Hitchcock would be directing the David O. Selznick production of Intermezzo.

Instead, the film was directed by Gregory Ratoff, starring Leslie Howard, Ingrid Bergman and Edna Best.

Independent Exhibitors Film Bulletin (25/Feb/1939)

Sam Engel, former Paramount producer, has joined David Selznick's staff ... The latter will start "Intermezzo" in April with Alfred Hitchcock directing. This will be followed by "Rebecca". Wonder if the outfit has abandoned "Titanic"?

The Times 02/Mar/1939

Mr. Alfred Hitchcock, who is at present directing Mr. Charles Laughton in a film adaptation of Miss Daphne du Maurier's novel, "Jamaica Inn" will visit Hollywood this year to direct the American film based on the Swedish play "Intermezzo". The chief characters in the play, which will be adapted for the screen by Mr. John Van Druten, are a famous musician, his wife, and a young girl accompanist.