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King's Cross Station, London

King's Cross railway station is a major London railway terminus, opened in 1852. It is on the northern edge of central London, at the junction of Euston Road and York Way. Some of its most important long-distance destinations are Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Hitchcock's Films

The 39 Steps (1935)

Richard Hannay goes on the run and catches the Flying Scotsman service from platform 10 at Kings Cross Station.[1]

The train shown leaving Kings Cross in the film is the LNER Class A3 locomotive "Trigo" (#2595), which entered service in February 1930 and was withdrawn in November 1964. As with the other A3 class locomotives, it was named after a famous racehorse.

However, the train shown exiting the tunnel as the Hannay's landlady discovers the dead body of Miss Annabella Smith isn't the "Trigo", nor is it even on the same route — the train is a Great Western locomotive exiting Box Tunnel near Bath.[2]

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Notes & References

  1. Although there is also a locomotive named the "Flying Scotsman", the train service that has run between London and Edinburgh since 1862 also bears that name.
  2. Wikipedia: Box Tunnel. The same tunnel features in the opening sequence of the cult 1975 children's television series, The Changes.