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Lifeboat (Screen Directors' Playhouse, 16/Nov/1950)

First broadcast on Thursday 16th November 1950, as part of the Screen Directors' Playhouse series, this radio adaptation of Lifeboat (1944) starred Tallulah Bankhead and Jeff Chandler.

Director Alfred Hitchcock provided an introductory narration.


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Hitchcock's Introduction

Thank you.

Well, I think you should know that Lifeboat is not what we'd call a director's picture — there are no trick sets, no camera tricks, in fact, no tricks at all.

When the director approaches such a picture, he offers up a little prayer and delivers himself wholly into the hands of his actors. Since they are very good actors, the result is just as you shall hear it now, as we present Lifeboat, starring Tallulah Bankhead in her original role of "Connie", and Jeff Chandler as "Kovac".