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Parker on Hitchcock (BBC Radio, 28/Apr/2005)

British film maker Alan Parker reflects on the skill and enduring influence of the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, 25 years after his death.


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Broadcast Details

  • broadcast on BBC Radio 4
  • date: 28/Apr/2005
  • length: approx 30 minutes


"From the time when I made advertisements I always thought about how you make something memorable. Hitchcock was brilliant at this: he created vivid atmospheres that were unforgettable." This is British filmmaker and presenter of this documentary Alan Parker’s take on Alfred Hitchcock. The programme marks the 25th anniversary of the director’s death, but there’s nothing overly reverential about it. In fact the contributors (who include Peter Bogdanovich, Bryan Forbes and Radio Times's Barry Norman) all recall moments of pure mirth. He might have been the undisputed master of suspense but he was also a great wit. Accompanying the memories are excerpts from some of his films and, my goodness, once that famous Psycho score gets going you could be in the shower of death with Janet Leigh.


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