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Rebecca, La Prima Moglie (1940) - KLF (Italy, 2002)

Rebecca, La Prima Moglie (1940) - aka "Rebecca"


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  • Rebecca (1940)
    • length: 2:02:04 (2:02:04)
    • audio: Italian mono (DD2.0)
    • subtitles: none
    • ratio: 1.33:1
  • Curiosity about Alfred Hitchcock (Curiosità su Alfred Hictchcok)
  • Alfred Hitchcock's cameos (Camei di Alfred Hictchcok)
  • Alfred Hictchcok's prizes (Premi di Alfred Hictchcok)
  • Full Cast and Crew for Rebecca (Scheda film)
  • Plot (Trama/Sinossi/Note sul film)
  • Biography and filmography pages


  • none

Comments and Notes

  • There is no English soundtrack on this Italian release.

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