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Screen International (06/Dec/1980) - Duty-Free Ware House Opens at Heathrow




Duty-Free Ware House Opens at Heathrow

What is described as "a unique industry facility" has opened this week near London's Heathrow Airport, writes Adrian Hodges.

To be fully operational from the New Year, Filmbond is the name of the country's first bonded warehouse devoted exclusively to the storage of film and video material.

Customs authorities have given the go-ahead to the scheme, which means that prints and video tapes may now be flown in and out of the country and stored at the warehouse without the payment of duty.

It has been opened by Filmbond Services Ltd of London, and is managed by Arthur Abcles, formerly of Warner's and CIC, and Sam Shorr, ex-Universal, with Bill Ingram as managing director of the warehouse operation.

Abeles is presently chairman of Filmarketeers Ltd; Ingram was previously with CIC and Technicolor.

David Frost, who built up Europe's only other bonded warehouse for film in Amsterdam, has been engaged as a consultant.

Fitted with an IBM computer system, it means that every reel of material stocked at Filmbond can be located at the press of a switch. It is claimed to be the most sophisticated system of its kind

The company is also launching its own airfreight service, called Fleetfilm, for worldwide delivery of material.