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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (TV) - Season 2


The second season of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour ran from 27/Sep/1963 to 03/Jul/1964.

Season 2 Episode List

The following is a complete of the episodes, with the original broadcast date shown in brackets. Please note that the episode summaries may contain spoilers!

  1. A Home Away from Home (27/Sep/1963)
  2. A Nice Touch (04/Oct/1963)
  3. Terror at Northfield (11/Oct/1963)
  4. You'll Be the Death of Me (18/Oct/1963)
  5. Blood Bargain (25/Oct/1963)
  6. Nothing Ever Happens in Linvale (08/Nov/1963)
  7. Starring the Defense (15/Nov/1963)
  8. The Cadaver (29/Nov/1963)
  9. The Dividing Wall (06/Dec/1963)
  10. Good-Bye, George (13/Dec/1963)
  11. How to Get Rid of Your Wife (20/Dec/1963)
  12. Three Wives Too Many (03/Jan/1964)
  13. The Magic Shop (10/Jan/1964)
  14. Beyond the Sea of Death (24/Jan/1964)
  15. Night Caller (31/Jan/1964)
  16. The Evil of Adelaide Winters (07/Feb/1964)
  17. The Jar (14/Feb/1964)
  18. Final Escape (21/Feb/1964)
  19. Murder Case (06/Mar/1964)
  20. Anyone for Murder? (13/Mar/1964)
  21. Beast in View (20/Mar/1964)
  22. Behind the Locked Door (27/Mar/1964)
  23. A Matter of Murder (03/Apr/1964)
  24. The Gentleman Caller (10/Apr/1964)
  25. The Ordeal of Mrs. Snow (14/Apr/1964)
  26. Ten Minutes from Now (01/May/1964)
  27. The Sign of Satan (08/May/1964)
  28. Who Needs an Enemy? (15/May/1964)
  29. Bed of Roses (22/May/1964)
  30. The Second Verdict (29/May/1964)
  31. Isabel (05/Jun/1964)
  32. Body in the Barn (03/Jul/1964)

DVD Releases

The following official DVD releases contain this series:

9093.gif The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Complete Second Season - Madman Entertainment (Australia, 2013)
PAL 1.33:1