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The Strand, London

The Strand is a major thoroughfare in the City of Westminster in central London that forms part of the A4 road. It is just over three-quarters of a mile in length from its western origin at Trafalgar Square to its eastern end at Temple Bar, where it continues into Fleet Street, marking Westminster's boundary with the City of London.

The famous Savoy Hotel is located on the Strand.

Hitchcock's Films

Sabotage (1936)

Royal Courts of Justice

The Lord Mayor's Parade set

During Stevie's final journey in Sabotage, he stops to watch the Lord Mayor's Parade procession going down the Strand.

The actual scene was staged in a field, likely somewhere in south west London, using a giant backdrop of the Royal Courts of Justice, placed at an angle to create a forced perspective, and a large cast of extras, carriages and horses.[1]


After meeting at Trafalgar Square, Ted takes Sylvia and Stevie to Simpson's for a meal.

The popular restaurant located at 100 Strand, which was a favourite of Hitchcock's and is one of the oldest in London, was recreated at Lime Grove Studios — the staircase shown in the film was the staircase to the studio's own dining room. The director announced his intention to feature Simpson's in the film during an event he held for the London press after the premiere of Secret Agent on the evening of May 13th, 1936.[2]

Charlie Brown, the world-renowned head carver at Simpson's, played himself in the film. He died a few weeks later in December 1936.

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Royal Courts of Justice:

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