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The Times (08/Jan/1930) - The Film World: British talking pictures

(c) The Times (08/Jan/1930)



Though up to the present nearly all the talking films shown in this country-have been American, there is every sign that within the next few months a fair number of British "talkies" will be available for exhibition. At the time of the arrival of the talking film British producers were held back because of the absence of recording apparatus, in which the principal patents were all foreign, but since then the majority of British companies have adapted their studios to meet the situation, and these companies are now busily engaged on completing their arrangements for the year.

The most ambitious programme announced is that of the British International Pictures, Limited, whose first talking films, Blackmail, The Informer, Under the Greenwood Tree, Atlantic, and The American Prisoner, have already been shown in London. Early this year the general public will have an opportunity of seeing these and other productions which were completed last year. Among the films to be released shortly are Juno and the Paycock, a screen version of Mr. Sean O'Casey's play, directed by Mr. Alfred Hitchcock ; The Song of Soho, with Mr. Carl Brisson in the principal part ; Raise the Roof with Miss Betty Balfour and Miss Dorothy Minto in the cast, which Mr. Walter Summers is now completing for the British International ; and Harmony Heaven, a back-stage story, directed by Mr. Thomas Bentley. Mr. Richard Eich-berg is engaged in making the second bi-lingual film, The Road to Dishonour, in which Miss Anna May Wong plays the leading part in both the English and German, versions. The following 10 silent films are to be issued this year for exhibitors who have not yet equipped their theatre with sound apparatus:— Kitty, Bright Eyes, The Manxman, Piccadilly, The Plaything, The Informer, Alf's Carpet, Pavement Butterfly, High Seas, and The Flying Scotsman.