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The Times (15/Feb/1934) - New film studios at Hammersmith

(c) The Times (15/Feb/1934)



Eighteen full-length feature films are to be produced this year in the new Hammersmith studios of the Triumph Film Company. The first picture will be The Path of Glory, a film adaptation of Mr. L. du Garde Peach's play, which was specially written for the microphone. It will be directed by Mr. Dallas Bower, with Mr Felix Aylmer, Mr. Athole Stewart, and Mr. Maurice Evans in the cast. This will be followed by Crime Unlimited, based on Mr. David Hume's novel of the same name. Other subjects chosen for production include The Reckoning, by Mr. Michael Joseph, and The Game by Mr Philip Wade. During the production of these pictures three separate directorial units, complete in themselves with 'all the requisite staff of writers will be employed. Each unit will be responsible for the selection of its own material and its transference to the screen.

The new studios, which were opened yesterday are equipped with the latest sound apparatus The British Acoustic sound recording system has been installed, and the lighting equipment is similar to that used in Hollywood. There are three sound stages, and. in addition, there is a large open-air space for exterior work.

Herr Ernst Lothar's novel "Little Friend" has been translated and adapted for the film by Miss Margaret Kennedy and Mr. Christopher Isherwood. It will be produced by the Gaumont-British Corporation under the direction of Mr Berthold Viertel, with Mr. Matheson Lang, Miss Lydia Sherwood, Miss Jean Cadell, and Mr Arthur Margetson in the cast. The title part will be played by Nora, the young daughter of Mr Arnold Pilbeam, The scenes will include children at play in Kensington Gardens and enjoving themselves at a London pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk. Three other films to be made within the next month or so will be The Haunted House, in which Mr. Gordon Harker will appear as the keeper of a lonely lighthouse on the coast of Wales; Road House, which will be directed by Mr. Alfred Hitchcock, with Mr. Gordon Harker and Miss Violet Loraine in the principal parts; and Evensong, based on the play of the same name by Mr. Beverley Nichols and Mr. Edward Knoblock.