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The Times (31/Aug/1926) - The Film World

(c) The Times (31/Aug/1926)



White Heat, a Graham-Wilcox production, directed by Mr. Thomas Bentley, with Miss Juliette Compton, Mr. Wyndham Standing, Miss Vesta Sylva, and Mr. Walter Butler in the company will be shown to members of the film trade at the London Hippodrome on Friday afternoon, and If Youth But Knew, made by Samuelson Films Limited will be shown at the Hippodrome this afternoon. In this British production are appearing Mr. Godfrey Tearle, Miss Lillian Hall-Davis, Miss Mary Odette, and Mr. Wyndham Standing. Mr. George A. Cooper is the producer.

Piccadilly Pictures, another British concern, are soon to start work on The Rolling Road, an original story for which has been written by Mr. Boyd Cable. Mr. Carlyle Blackwell will also be in the company. This picture will be distributed by the firm of W. and F.

Piccadilly Pictures have an ambitious programme, and this year three films have already been made -- The Mountain Eagle, The Lodger, with Mr. Ivor Novello, "June," Miss Marie Ault, Mr. Malcolm Keen, and Mr. Arthur Chesney, and The Triumph of the Rat, produced by Mr. Graham Cutts. In this appear Mr. Novello, Miss Isabel Jeans, Miss Nina Vanna, Mr. Lewin Mannering, Miss Marie Ault, and Miss Julie Sudo.

In addition to The Rolling Road, the same firm with soon make a film version of Mr. Noel Coward's play, Easy Virtue.