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Yorkshire Post (21/Jun/1927) - Films in the Making



Films in the Making

Production of the Gainsborough British film version of "The Constant Nymph" has been fixed to start on July 7, and Mr. Basil Dean, the director, left for Germany at the end of last week to make arrangements for location in the Tyrol and elsewhere. Miss Dorothy Gish, the American star, very oddly chosen for the part of Tessa, is due to arrive from America at the end of this month. No one has yet been chosen to play Lewis Dodd.

Mr. Dean, who produced the stage version with such success, both in London and in New York, has had very little experience in film direction, but he long ago set his heart on directing "The Constant Nymph" for the screen, and is embarking on the task with the utmost enthusiasm. The script has been prepared by Alma Reville, wife of the young British director, Alfred Hitchcock.