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Acton, London

Acton is an area of west London, England in the London Borough of Ealing.

From around 1928 to 1933, Alma Reville's mother and sister lived at 25 Perryn House, Crown Lane, Acton.

Hitchcock's Films

Secret Agent (1936)

According to a contemporary newspaper reports, the scenes set inside the Swiss chocolate factory were filmed at the former Alliance Aeroplane Factory at Acton Aerodrome.[1] Chocolate manufacturer Nestlé provided staff as extras for the scenes.[2]

During the past week Mr. Hitchcock has been working at the huge, disused Alliance Factory in western London, which served during the War, I believe, as an emergency repair shop for some of the American air squadrons in France. In Mr. Hitchcock's hands it has blossomed suddenly into a Swiss chocolate factory, complete with the latest machinery and girl workers lent by a confectionery firm.
 — Yorkshire Post (21/Jan/1936)

The factory and aerodrome no longer exist, but the aerodrome's entrance was located close to the current location of West Acton Underground Station.

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Notes & References

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  2. Based on information provided by Steve Clutterbuck, whose mother was an extra in the film.