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California Street, San Francisco, California

Hitchcock's Films

Vertigo (1958)

Pacific-Union Club

Although filmed entirely on Stage 5 at Paramount, Gavin Elster's gentleman's club was modelled on the exclusive Pacific-Union Club, located at 1000 California Street, between Cushman Street and Mason Street and close to Brocklebank Apartments.

During filming, actor Tom Helmore repeatedly mispronounced the word "McKittrick".[1]

Family Plot (1976)

Grace Cathedral

Standing on the block surrounded by California, Taylor, Sacramento and Jones Streets in the Nob Hill district, Grace is an Episcopal cathedral completed in 1964.

The cathedral is renamed "St Anselm's" in Family Plot and was used as the location for the kidnapping of the bishop.

The Fairmont

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Pacific-Union Club

Grace Cathedral

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Selection of film frames: California Street, San Francisco, California


Notes & References

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