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Covent Garden Market, London

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Fruit and vegetables have been sold in Covent Garden since the mid 1600s. During 1800s and early 1900s, a series of buildings were constructed to house the markets, the most famous of which was designed by Charles Fowler.

By the 1970s, increased traffic congestion resulted in the market being moved to a new location in Nine Elms in 1974.

Hitchcock's Films

Frenzy (1972)

"Frenzy" is centered around Covent Garden Market, an area Hitchcock, the son of a greengrocer, would have been familiar with as a child. The market scenes were mostly filmed during the last weeks of July 1971.

After Bob Rusk invites Babs Milligan back to his flat, the pair walk through the Flower Market building in a single 75-second shot filmed on July 30th, 1971.[1]


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Notes & References

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