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Lilian Hitchcock (b. 1877) née Farmer

According to the 1939 Register, Lilian was born on 23 July 1877.

Lilian Farmer worked as a cashier in at least two fishmongeries on North End Road, Fulham, before meeting her future husband, William John Hitchcock whilst working for William's uncle John Sylvester Hitchcock. She married William in married in 1911.

Biographer Patrick McGilligan states that Alfred Hitchcock helped support Lilian financially after her husband died in January 1943.

When her husband's cousin, Alfred Charles Hitchcock, died in 1944, he left her the freehold of a fishmongery an 79 Tower Bridge Road in his will. It is uncertain what Lilian did with the property as no-one is listed residing at the address on the Electoral Register between 1945 and 1947.[1]

She likely died in 1957, aged 80.


  • daughter of commercial traveller Charles Walter Farmer (b. ~1857)[2] and Mary Ann Farmer (b. ~1855) née Tilbrook[3], who married on 07/Aug/1876 at St. Saviour, Southwark[4]
  • sister-in-law of director Alfred Joseph Hitchcock (b. 1899)


  • born sometime around 1878[5]
  • very likely the Lilian Farmer whose birth was registered Q3 1877 in St. Saviour, Southwark
  • likely baptised on 04/Jul/1883 at St John the Divine, Kennington, Southwark[6]


  • Maude Farmer (b. ~1879)[7]
  • Charles Walter Farmer (b. ~1880)[8]
  • Gertrude Farmer (b. ~1884)[9]


William John Hitchcock (b. 1888)


  • it is believed the couple had none


  • probably died 1957 aged 80[14]

Family Tree


Census Data


address: 220 Great Dover Street, Newington

  • Charles Farmer (aged 24) — head, occupation: haberdasher (wholesale)
  • Mary A. Farmer (aged 26) — wife
  • Lilian Farmer (aged 3) — daughter
  • Maud Farmer (aged 2) — daughter
  • Charles Farmer (aged 0) — son
  • Jenny Glewnings (aged 16) — servant
  • Jane Irving (aged 13) — servant


Charles appears to have remarried to Jane (also known as Jenny).[15]

  • address: 45 Panlet Road, Camberwell
  • Chs W. Farmer (aged 34) — head, occupation: commercial traveller
  • Jane Farmer (aged 32) — wife
  • Lilian Farmer (aged 12) — daughter
  • Maude Farmer (aged 11) — daughter
  • Gertrude Farmer (aged 7) — daughter


Lilian is working for her sister Maude's husband.

  • address: 243 North End Road, Fulham
  • Samuel Gluning (aged 25) — head, occupation: fishmonger
  • Maude Gluning (aged 22) — wife (Lilian's sister, Maude Farmer)
  • Leslie Gluning (aged 2) — son
  • Samuel Gluning (aged 1) — son
  • Lilian Farmer (aged 23) — sister-in-law, occupation: cashier at fishmongers
  • Daisy Cooper (aged 19) — servant (domestic nurse)
  • Cissie Danks (aged 18) — occupation: fishmonger's assistant
  • Florence Mattams (aged 18) — servant (domestic cook)


Lilian is working at the same shop as William.

  • address: 395 North End Road, Fulham
  • John Silvester Hitchcock (aged 46) — head, occupation: fishmonger and poulterer
  • Sophia Magdalen Hitchcock (aged 28) — wife, occupation: assisting in business
  • William Hitchcock (aged 22) — nephew, occupation: assisting in business (unmarried)
  • Lilian Farmer (aged 31) — occupation: cashier in business
  • Mary O'Hagan (aged 30) — occupation: assisting in business
  • Erma Ledwell (aged 35) — servant (general domestic)

1939 Register

79 Tower Bridge Road

  • William J. Hitchcock (male born 18 August 1888) — fish merchant at own account
  • Lilian Hitchcock (female born 23 July 1877) — assistant in shop

Other Documents

Baptism (1883)

Marriage (1911)

Electoral Registers

1926-1928 — Hammersmith and Fulham, Fulham East and West

1930-1939 — Southwark, Bermondsey

  • specifically 1930, 1931, 1933, 1934, 1936 and 1939

Research Notes

  • According to McGilligan, "when his brother William's widow entered a sanatorium in England fifteen years after her husband's death, Hitchcock quietly instructed his accountant to pay her bills and provide a weekly allowance." If she died in 1957, then she died shortly after entering the sanatorium.
  • There are some inconsistencies with Lilian's age in the census returns and with her place of birth.
  • The Lily Hitchcock of 9 Marks Gardens, Braintree, who died in 07/Oct/1961 was a different person.[16]
  • Lilian's father, Charles Walter Farmer (b. ~1857), married twice. His second wife, Jenny Gluning (b. ~1864), was likely the sister of fishmonger Samuel Gluning who married Lilian's sister Maude and who Lilian was working for in 1901.

Notes & References

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  3. Also known as Marianne. Likely died 1893 aged 39 [reg. Q3 1893 Camberwell].
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