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Manbey Grove, Stratford, London

Manbey Grove is a street in Stratford and is part of a residential area built around 1860.[1]

46 Manbey Grove

By 1881, greengrocer Joseph Hitchcock (b. ~1829) had moved his family from 80 Windmill Lane to Manbey Grove. Joseph's wife Ann died shortly after the move and he likely died in early 1891.

By the time of the 1891 Census, which was taken on 5 April, the resident of the property was widow and retired governess Charlotta Tuck (b. ~1825) who had rented out two of the rooms in the house to sisters Sarah and Elizabeth Wells, both of whom where working as dressmakers.

Archive Maps

On this archive map from 1868, number 80 is shaded red, the back garden is shaded green and the front garden is shaded yellow.[2]

The fields seen to the east of the house were built upon sometime around the 1880s and two of Joseph's children lived on Louise Road, which was built adjacent to Manbey Grove.

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Notes & References

  1. The 1850 map of the area shows a large field bounded by Forest Lane, Water Lane, Romford Road and The Grove. By the time of the 1868 map, the field had been built on.
  2. The exact property was located by referencing a 1950s archive map which included the house numbers of the properties.