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Soho Square, London

Soho Square is a square in Soho, London, with a park and garden area at its centre that dates back to 1681.

Hitchcock's Films

Frenzy (1972)

Unaware that his ex-wife has just been murdered, Richard Blaney uses a red telephone box to call Babs Milligan at The Globe and asks her to meet him at Leicester Square.

Geographically, Soho Square is between Oxford Street, where Brenda Blaney's body has just been discovered at the Blaney Bureau, and Leicester Square.

Initially scheduled to be filmed on July 30th, 1971, this Frenzy scene was eventually filmed on August 4th using a prop telephone box positioned at the southwest corner of the square.[1]

The position of the telephone box is marked in red on this map of the area from the mid-1950s. The location of The Blaney Bureau is shown in blue.

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Notes & References

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