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Dial H for Hitchcock (1999)

Dial H for Hitchcock
director Ted Haimes
company Rocket Science Laboratories (1999)
length 101 minutes
also known as Dial H Hitchcock: The Genius Behind the Showman
Hitchcock: Shadow of a Genius


Made to celebrate the centenary of Hitchcock's birth, this documentary concentrates on his major US films. Surviving collaborators, colleagues, and directors are interviewed. The documentary also includes a brief section about the Kaleidoscope project.


  • This documentary has not been officially released on DVD.



Cast and Crew

Directed by:


Written by:

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Taken from a DVD recording of the 2005 BBC2 broadcast of the documentary...

Jonathan Demme

Joseph Stefano

John Michael Hayes

Janet Leigh

Brian De Palma

Curtis Hanson

Patricia Hitchcock

Normal Lloyd

Herb Steinberg

Peter Bogdanovich

Robert E Kapsis

Ronald Neame

Bryan Singer

Teresa Wright

Robert Altman

Wes Craven

Tippi Hedren

Robert F Boyle

photograph of Alfred Hitchcock

home movie footage of Alma Reville

home movie footage of Alma Reville

crew on the shoot of The Mountain Eagle (1926)

photograph of the marriage of Alfred Hitchcock and Alma Reville

photograph of Alfred Hitchcock and Alma Reville

home movie footage of Patricia Hitchcock in New York

photograph of Patricia Hitchcock and Alma Reville

footage of audience for North by Northwest (1959)

footage from Kaleidoscope Frenzy

footage of Alfred Hitchcock shooting Frenzy (1972) on location in London

footage of Alfred Hitchcock