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Enoch Hitchcock (b. 1844)

Enoch Hitchcock was a greengrocer known to have lived in the Stratford/West Ham area. He married local girl Catherine Cunningham in 1862 and they had 5 known children.

The London Daily News (15/Jan/1868) reported that Enoch had been summoned to appear before the Police Courts to answer a charge of mistreating a horse on 23 December 1867. The summons was issued by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The Chelmsford Chronicle (12/May/1871) reported that Enoch had been charged with "being drunk and disorderly" and with assaulting a police constable. In court, it was "urged that domestic matters had caused the prisoner to get too much drink".

Enoch disappears from the records after 1871 and it seems likely he sailed to Australia in 1874, leaving his wife and children behind.

When Enoch's daughter Kate married in 1892, she stated that her father was deceased on her marriage certificate.



  • born 21/Apr/1944 in Stratford[1]
  • baptised 31/Aug/1845 at St. John's Parish Church, Stratford[2]



Catherine Cunningham (b. ~1844)

  • birthplace given as Essex (1871 Census)
  • also known as Kate
  • married in 1862 to Enoch Hitchcock[3]
  • uncle and aunt are given as Michael Cunningham (b. ~1811) and Margaret Cunningham (b. ~1821) of Stratford
  • likely died 1890 aged 46[4]


Sarah Elizabeth Hitchcock (b. 1863)

  • born 1863[5]
  • possibly died unmarried in 1912[6]

Susan Hitchcock (b. ~1866)

Kate Hitchcock (b. 1866)

A different Kate Hitchcock was born to Enoch's brother Joseph Hitchcock (b. ~1829) in West Ham in 1872, and the local marriage of a Kate Hitchcock to Albert Kipping in 1896 was to her.

  • born 1866[7]
  • married 25/Dec/1892 to Alfred Rossiter (b. ~1861)[8]

Enoch Hitchcock (b. 1867)

  • born 1867[9]
  • birthplace given as Essex (1871 Census) and Stratford (1881 Census)
  • no definite entries after 1881 Census and no obvious death or marriage entries

Henry Hitchcock (b. 1869)

  • born 1869[10]
  • likely died 1876 aged 7[11]

Joseph Hitchcock (b. 1872)


  • date of death unknown[14]

Family Tree


Census Data


Enoch is living at home in Stratford with parents and siblings.

  • address: Maryland Point, Stratford
  • Charles Hitchcock (60), occupation: fishmonger
  • Sarah Hitchcock (41), wife
  • Susannah Hitchcock (28), daughter
  • Joseph Hitchcock (21), son, occupation: fishmonger
  • Charles Hitchcock (12), son, occupation: scholar
  • Mary E. Hitchcock (10), daughter, occupation: scholar
  • Enoch Hitchcock (6), son, occupation: scholar
  • Sarah Hitchcock (28), daughter


Enoch's father has died and he is now helping his mother as a greengrocer.[15]

  • address: 1 Leytonstone Road, Stratford
  • Sarah Hitchcock (52), widow, occupation: greengrocer
  • Charles Hitchcock (22), son, occupation: greengrocer
  • Enoch Hitchcock (16), son, occupation: greengrocer


Enoch is now a greengrocer living with his wife and 5 children. This is the last census return which lists Enoch, who every likely sailed to Australia in 1874.

  • address: 50 Forest Street, Stratford, West Ham
  • Enoch Hitchcock (26), occupation: greengrocer
  • Kate Hitchcock (27), wife
  • Sarah Hitchcock (8), daughter, occupation: scholar
  • Susan Hitchcock (5), daughter, occupation: scholar
  • Kate Hitchcock (4), daughter, occupation: scholar
  • Enoch Hitchcock (3), son, occupation: scholar
  • Henry Hitchcock (2), son
  • Mary Cunningham (19), occupation: domestic servant, born Stratford[16]


Catherine is now living with her uncle Michael Cunningham in Stratford and her husband Enoch is not listed. Her teenage daughters are also not listed. She is listed as married rather than widowed.

  • address: 8 Elizabeth Gardens(?), Stratford, West Ham
  • Michael Cunningham (70), occupation: general labourer, born: West Ham, Essex[17]
  • Margaret Cunningham (60), wife, born: Stratford
  • Catherine Hitchcock (40), niece, occupation: labourwoman
  • Enoch Hitchcock (13), grandnephew, occupation: scholar
  • Joseph Hitchcock (9), grandnephew, occupation: scholar

Other Documents

Chelmsford Chronicle (12/May/1871)

Passenger Lists

Somersetshire (1874) — Plymouth (England) to Victoria (Australia)

Research Notes

  • Birthplace given as Stratford (1851 Census), Chatham (1861 Census) and Essex (1871 Census).
  • Listed as a greengrocer on Forest Street in the Post Office Directory until 1874.
  • His trail ends completely after 1874 with no register of death.
  • Enoch Hitchcock aged 32 set sail to Victoria, Australia, aboard the Somersetshire in 1874[18]
  • E.A. Hitchcock is listed in the "Notices to Licensees in Arrears under Section 42 Land Act" (1875) living in Enfield, Victoria, Australia.
  • An "E. Hitchcock" is listed as a maritime death in November 1918 but there are no extra details to help match this to either Enoch or his son.[19]

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