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Joseph Hitchcock (b. 1872)

Joseph Hitchcock married Elizabeth Catherine Theobald in 1892 and they had three children together, although at least one died as a child.

He enrolled with the Royal Naval Reserves on 16 February 1904, giving a false date of birth of 17/Mar/1873. He served on a number of ships from 1909 onwards, including several voyages to New Zealand. He was eventually discharged from the Navy on 26 February 1914 and his service record contained a note stating that he would not be eligible to re-enlist "on account of varicose veins".

Joseph then married Ada Florence Cottis in 1914 and they immigrated with their three children to New Zealand aboard the Rotorua, which departed Southampton on 6 December 1923.

He died in 1952 in New Zealand.





Elizabeth Catherine Theobald (b. ~1874)

  • born around 1874 (based on age given on marriage registry entry)
  • daughter of German-born boot maker Charles Theobald (b. ~1831) and his wife Rosetta (b. ~1838)
  • sister of Elizabeth Catherine Theobald (b. ~1874), Mary Ann Theobald (b. ~1878) and Charles Theobald (b. ~1879)
  • married 11/Sep/1892 to Joseph Hitchcock at St. John's Parish Church, Stratford

Ada Florence Cottis (b. 1885) née Hutley

  • born 1885[2]
  • daughter of Henry Hutley (b. ~1849) and Sarah Hutley (b. ~1845)
  • sister of Henry Charles Hutley (b. ~1874), Sarah Amelia Hutley (b. ~1876), Elizabeth Hutley (b. ~1879), Lucy Brown Hutley (b. ~1882) and Ellen Hutley (b. ~1889)
  • married to Albert Hubert Cottis in 1909[3] and who was father to Doris Florence S. Cottis (b. ~1910)
  • remarried to Joseph Hitchcock in 1914[4]
  • died 1955 in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand[5]


children of Joseph & Elizabeth

Lewis Charles John Hitchcock (b. 1893)

  • born 1893
  • baptised 21/May/1893 at St. John's Parish Church, Stratford
  • 1911 Census (aged 20) — a gunner in No 95 Company Royal Garrison Artillery
  • probably married 1915 to Maud Champion (b. 1888)
  • died 1969 aged 75[6]

Rosetta Mary Ann Hitchcock (b. 1894)

  • born 05/Nov/1894[7]
  • baptised 09/Dec/1894 at St. John's, Stratford
  • died 1899 aged 5[8]

Harriet Catherine Hitchcock (b. 1896)

  • born 16/Aug/1896[9]
  • baptised 16/Sep/1896 at St. John's, Stratford

children of Joseph & Ada

Kathleen G. Hitchcock (b. 1914)

Joseph H. Hitchcock (b. 1919)

  • born 1919[11]
  • possibly Joseph Hamilton Hitchcock who died 1983 in New Zealand[12]

Ada W.E. Hitchcock (b. 1922)

Sydney Charles Hitchcock (b. 1926)

  • born 22/Mar/1926 in Petone, Wellington, New Zealand[14]
  • married in October 1945 to Hilda May Nicholls (1922-2006)
  • father to Leslie Joseph Hitchcock (1947-1987)
  • died 25/Feb/1985 in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand


  • died 1952 in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand[15]

Family Tree


Census Data


Catherine is living with her uncle Michael Cunningham in Stratford and her husband Enoch is not listed. Her teenage daughters are also not listed. She is listed as married rather than widowed.

  • address: 8 Elizabeth Gardens(?), Stratford, West Ham
  • Michael Cunningham (70), occupation: general labourer, born: West Ham, Essex[16]
  • Margaret Cunningham (60), wife, born: Stratford
  • Catherine Hitchcock (40), niece, occupation: labourwoman
  • Enoch Hitchcock (13), grandnephew, occupation: scholar
  • Joseph Hitchcock (9), grandnephew, occupation: scholar


  • address: Abbey Lane, West Ham
  • James Hall (aged 49) — head, occupation: general labourer
  • Mary Ann Hall (aged 50) — wife
  • James Hall (aged 21) — son, occupation: general labourer
  • Eliza Hall (aged 18) — daughter
  • Joseph Hitchcock (aged 19) — boarder, occupation: boiler maker

Other Documents

Marriage (11/Sep/1892)

Navy Service Record

Migration to New Zealand in 1923

Research Notes

  • No census entries for 1901 or 1911. The lack of 1911 Census is likely due to his service in the Navy.
  • A Joseph Hitchcock is listed as a passenger (occupation: mechanic) aboard the Otranto sailing from London to Fremantle, Australia, in January 1911.

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