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The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV) - Season 1

The 1980s revival of Alfred Hitchcock Presents began with a feature-length pilot episode.

Once the series was commissioned, a further 22 episodes were filmed for the first season.


The first four episodes were initially combined into the pilot. Later repeats separated them back into individual episodes.

Screenshots are taken from repeat broadcasts by the US Chiller cable channel.

Cast members listed in bold appeared in a Hitchcock film or in the original Hitchcock television series.

Incident in a Small Jail

The Man From the South

Bang! You're Dead

An Unlocked Window


Night Fever

Wake Me When I'm Dead

Final Escape

The Night Caller

Method Actor

The Human Interest Story




The Gloating Place

The Right Kind of Medicine

Beast In View

A Very Happy Ending

The Canary Sedan

Enough Rope For Two

The Creeper

Happy Birthday

The Jar

Deadly Honeymoon

Four O'Clock

Road Hog