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St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Leytonstone

Opened in 1868 to help cope with the increase in the local population, St Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery is situated on Langthorne Road, Leytonstone. By the early 1980s, the cemetery had recorded nearly 170,000 burials.[1]

Mary Jane Kelly, the last of the "canonical five" victims of the serial killer known as Jack the Ripper, is buried in the cemetery.[2]

Following a royal pardon, Timothy Evans — who had been found guilty of murdering his daughter and executed in 1950 — was exhumed from Pentonville Prison and reburied in St Patrick's in 1965. It is know acknowledged that serial killer John Reginald Halliday Christie was responsible for murder of Evan's wife and daughter.

Avis Ethel Graydon, sister of Edith Thompson who was executed in 1923, was buried in 1977. The sisters were known to Alfred Hitchcock and his sister, Ellen Kathleen, and, according to biographer John Russell Taylor, Hitchcock knew every details of the Thompson/Bywaters trial.[3]

The Hitchcocks

Alfred Hitchcock was born at 517 Leytonstone High Road in 1899, which was situated to the east of the cemetery.

On this archive map from 1919, the cemetery is shaded green and the Hitchcock grocery at 517 is shaded red.

Five members of Alfred Hitchcock's immediate and extended family are known to be buried at St. Patrick's in a single plot:

Research by Iain MacFarlaine has identified that Alfred Hitchcock's brother, William John Hitchcock, was buried not with his parents and sister, but in a separate plot with his uncle and cousin. William John does not have an inscription on the plot.[4]

Situated almost in front of that plot is that of Charles Joseph Hitchcock and his family. The weight of the headstone had caused it to sink into the ground.[5]

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