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Westminster Cathedral, London

Westminster Cathedral in London is the mother church of the Catholic community in England and Wales and the Metropolitan Church and Cathedral of the Archbishop of Westminster.

The site on which the Cathedral stands originally belonged to the Benedictine monks who established the nearby Westminster Abbey and was purchased by the Archdiocese of Westminster in 1885.

On Tuesday June 3rd 1980, a requiem mass was held at the Abbey for director Alfred Hitchcock, who had died in April. Amongst the attendees were Sidney Bernstein, Ingrid Bergman, Ann Todd, Elsie Randolph, Anna Neagle, Joan Harrison, Barry Foster and George Perry.[1]

Hitchcock's Films

Foreign Correspondent (1940)

Rowley (Edmund Gwenn) attempts to kill John Jones (Joel McCrea), but instead falls to his own death from the tower of Westminster Cathedral.

One of the famous landmarks that Rowley says Jones will be able to see from the top of the tower is St. Paul's Cathedral.

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