Rest in Peace: 2014

It’s one of the sad facts that the pool of talented people who worked with Hitchcock dwindles each year and I’d just to take a moment to remember those who passed away during 2014:

A number of actors who appeared in Hitchcock’s television series also passed away:

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  1. Hi Davey.
    Somehow, my RSS subscription to your blog got stuck.
    I fixed it now, but what’s interesting is that the last post I got before it stopped working was “Meet the Hitchcocks part 4”.
    I wanted to resume reading from there, but I couldn’t find that post…
    What happened to the “Meet the Hitchcock” series?
    Happy 2015 to you and yours, and keep up the great work on the Hitchcock Zone!

  2. Hi Rafael!

    Unfortunately I kept finding new information about Hitchcock’s family tree, so decided to remove the articles until I’ve finished the research and can add all the new information :-)


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