The Birds is Coming?

Here’s a little curio which appeared in the San Antonio Light newspaper on 26th April 1945, nearly 20 years before Hitchcock made The Birds (1963). In an article titled “Peace Plans Pour Into Conference”, the newspaper apparently asked Hitchcock what might happen if there was another world war…

[Hitchcock] believes that birds will inherit the earth, if there is another war. He told us recently: “Crows, probably. You can see that they’re working that way already. They hold courts, have a fair language and a rudimentary banking system. I like their chances of taking over.”

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  1. how you manage to find these superb photos! Just when I thought I’d seen every publicity still there is the Hitchcock Wiki unearths another gem! Hilarious. It also highlights the extent to which AH wanted to retain the humour in his promotion of what is essentially an apocalyptic film -not a conventional approach to film marketing for its time at all, but part of the Hitchcock styling that can been throughout his career.


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