Carry on saving those pennies!

October just keeps getting better for Hitchcock fans!

Universal have just officially announced the region 1 “Hitchcock Presents: Season One” box set.

(image courtesy of DVD Times)

Hopefully we’ll have an announcement soon from Universal about the possible UK release of the set on October 31st.

So, that now means the following are potentially going to be released in October 2005:


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  1. I noticed your web-site announces the newest releases of Hitchocck related material. I was shocked to discover that you overlooked something important. On top of Universal’s decision to release Season One of ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS on DVD this October, Universal also authorized THE ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS COMPANION, a 600 page book (yes, 660 pages!) documenting EVERYTHING you could possibly ever want to know about the TV show. This book was published two years ago, and not to be confused with that awful hardcover that came out two decades ago. This book even includes the dates when the episodes were filmed and alternative opening and closings Hitchcock actually filmed of himself for airings overseas where he made fun of Americans rather than the sponsors. I recently purchased a copy of this book and it’s superb. If you want to ensure your web-site browsers that they know everything they want to know, might I recommend you place a mention of the book as well as the DVD release? The book is available on, authored by Martin Grams Jr and Patrik Wikstrom. Hate to see you being the only web-site not mentioning the book!

  2. Hi Michelle

    Many thanks for the “heads up” about the book – it’s one that I’d not seen before!

    Do you know if the book is going to be reprinted to tie in with the October DVDs? According to Amazon, the book is currently out of print :-(

    For those of you wanting to track the book down, the ISBN is 0970331010, and it’s listed at and


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