In 1919, whilst he was working at W.T. Henley’s Telegraph Works, Hitchcock edited and wrote articles for the in-house newsletter “Henley Telegraph“.

Henley Telegraph

Nearly 90 years later, director Sylvie Bolioli and Polaris Productions Ltd took one of the Hitchcock short stories that appeared in the Henley Telegraph — Gas — and turned it into a short film (see Internet Movie Database) starring Tony Hadley, Johanna Mohs, and Valerie Leon.

The US premiere for “Gas” takes place on Sunday October 14th at the Pioneer Theater, East 3rd Street, New York (between Avenues A and B). Further details are available on the Pioneer Theater web site.

The official web site for the film is and Sylvie is currently working on the DVD release of the film (which will include a making of documentary entitled “Dial ‘G’ for Gas”).

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