31 Days of Hitchcock

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a couple of weeks now…

Joe Valdez has set himself the task of watching and reviewing a different Hitchcock film every day in October. You can catch up with his reviews at thisdistractedglobe.com.

Joe’s not used a category for his Hitchcock-a-blog-o-thon, but you find all of the posts by doing a search for “Hitchcock” on his blog.


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  1. Thanks for the acknowledgment, Dave. I’m curious to know what led to your devotion to all things Hitchcockian. I’m glad you’re enjoying the 31 days, and all of my posts can be pulled up under the “archives” section of my website.


    p.s. Bruno Anthony, Strangers On a Train, best Hitchcock baddie

  2. Yep — totally forgot to include Bruno in the list of baddies, so I’ll have to do another list of best baddies for another quiz :-)

    It’s a long story… I’ve always enjoyed Hitchcock (the first DVD I ever bought was “Psycho” in 1999) and I offered to help set up a web site to list differences between US and UK releases of Hitchcock films back in 2003. Kinda grew from there!


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