“Marnie”, by Nat King Cole

I think Nat King Cole’s “Marnie” is mentioned in the DVD documentary for the film, but it wasn’t until I recently read “Hitchcock’s Music” by Jack Sullivan that I finally got around to tracking the song down…

A few years earlier, “Que Sera Sera” (from the 1956 remake of “The Man Who Knew Too Much“) had been a huge hit and Hollywood studios were always on the prowl for hit songs that could be used to promote their films.

From what I can gather, Bernard Herrmann himself wrote the theme which was then recorded by Nat King Cole and producer Ralph Carmichael. The single (which later appeared on the album “The Beautiful Ballad”) was a commercial failure — Herrmann was hardly a pop song composer — but Nat King Cole’s voice makes for a pleasant enough diversion for a few minutes…

Moon and mist
Make rainbows in your hair
When I see your smile
There’s sunlight everywhere

But your world is lonely
Oh, Marnie

So lost yet so lovely
Take my hand
And stay with me awhile

Let me try to dry
The tears beneath your smile

Only love can save you

Please love me
Please be mine

I love you

Please me mine

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  1. How totally delightful to find this here! I’ve never heard Nat’s version. The lyrics are so lovely and I can’t help but think of Tippi Hedren and Sean Connery when I hear them. I’m very grateful for this little treasure. Thank You!

  2. I think Vertigo also had a pop song, “Madeleine”. Dan Aulier talks about it in his book on Vertigo.

  3. Dan — you’re right, although I’ve not been able to track down a copy. I’m not sure it was ever commercially released?

  4. You can find it on Nat’s final album L-O-V-E, great album and actually a very good song!


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