Upcoming DVDs

Whilst we still wait for news the first official Bluray releases (my guess is that “North by Northwest” will be announced soon), standard DVDs just keep on coming!

In the next few months, we have a new DVD of “Suspicion” (Kinowelt, Germany) as well as a bundling of Hitchcock’s two wartime propaganda films “Hitchcock French Resistance” (Network, UK).

In France, Universal are bundling together all of their previous DVD releases (including both their US films and some of the early British films) along with the 6 disc Studio Canal collection: “Alfred Hitchcock Coffret 24 DVD“.

In the US, we’re due new releases of “Rear Window“, “Psycho” and “Vertigo“, as part of the “Legacy” series. It’s likely that these will use the same transfers as the 2005 “Masterpiece” collection, but each set has a few new extras.

In the UK, it’s likely we’ll see a new DVD of “Vertigo” (a number of new extras have been recently submitted for classification at the BBFC). The big question is will Universal UK use a new transfer for the film, or will they do what they’ve always done before and use their original transfer (which first appeared in 2000).

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