free Hitchcock DVDs with The Times

The UK Times newspaper is giving away 7 Hitchcock DVDs, starting on Sunday September 7th:

Presumably these will be licensed transfers from Granada International?

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  1. A word of warning — none of the copies at my local newsagent contained a DVD. Hopefully this isn’t a repeat of the last “free” Hitchcock DVD offer from The Times, where it turned out the DVD was only given away in London.

    Update: looks like I was just unlucky — friends nearby received their DVDs with the newspaper.

  2. The DVD should have been with your paper as it was free with every copy – nationally. Can you let me know what area you tried to purchase it in and I will look into it. If you contact News International our customer services team will help with the missing DVD.

    Best Wishes

  3. Hi Suzi

    Many thanks for replying — it looks like I was just unlucky, as friends nearby received a DVD with their newspaper. It did feel like there was a disc inside the sealed plastic packaging, but it turned out to be a couple of small booklets when we opened them up.

    The newsagent was the One Stop store in Netherton, Huddersfield.

  4. Hi Dave

    Thanks for letting us know, we will look into whether that store had particular production issues.

    Hope you have got the DVDs from our cistomer services team – please do get in touch and we will send it out to you.


  5. I was very annoyed to find out that the DVD was only available in The Times when purchased at WHSmith’s! (It does say on the front of the paper that it is free when you purchase the paper at this store). So as I take the train to work I thought I could buy it at the WHSmith’s branch at the station but, on purchase, I was informed that it is only free with the paper at WHSmith’s in the high street stores!!? This was even more frustrating, as it says everywhere else it’s promoted, that it’s free with EVERY copy of The Times when this is quite clearly not the case. Surely this is false advertising?
    By the end of the week I hadn’t managed to get a single free DVD seeing as I could only get to the high street stores when I finished work – at this time they would always be sold out.
    The only way to get these ‘free’ DVDs now is by post which then costs £1.99 p&p so in effect are not free anymore. Grrr!

  6. Hi Suzy,
    I missed some of the issues and have not kept my vouchers. but remember that in the Sunday Times there was an option to phone in and buy all 7 disks. Do you have the number?

  7. Trevor and William: try contacting this email address — I got a prompt and courteous reply…

    Like William, it wasn’t convenient to go to WH Smiths, so I’ll be sending off for the weekday discs as well. The transfers are on a par with the recent retail DVDs from Network, so they’re well worth £1.99. The only thing they’re missing is the extras that were included in the £60 set.

  8. Hi, I sent 3 tokens and a cheque for £1.99 2 weeks ago and haven’t received my dvds yet. What is going on?

  9. Hi Marta

    I’ve not received mine yet. If you’re worried, you can try contacting the customer support team:


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