RIP: John Michael Hayes (1919-2008)

I think it’s safe to say we’ve reached the end of an era with the passing last week of the screenwriter John Michael Hayes, who died in his sleep at the age of 89.

In recent years, we’ve seen the deaths in 2005 of Evan Hunter and Ernest Lehman, and then Jay Presson Allen and Joseph Stefano in 2006. Along with Hayes, they were responsible for some of Hitchcock’s greatest and most iconic celluloid moments…

Hayes collaborated with Hitchcock on four classic films:

So far, Hayes’ death has only been picked up by a couple of news sites, but I’ll add more links to the comments in due course.

To the best of my knowledge, the only surviving writer who worked with Hitchcock is Arthur Laurents (now aged 90), who provided the screenplay for Rope (1948).

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