“Psycho” score fails to sell

As mentioned previously, Bernard Herrmann‘s original score for “Psycho” was recently put up for auction at Bonhams. Unfortunately, it failed to reach the minimum price of £30,000…

Psycho music score fails to sell

The score to Alfred Hitchcock’s horror movie Psycho, failed to be sold recently, Bonhams auction house said.

The 20-page work has been withdrawn from a sale after it failed to make its minimum price of £30,000.

The music for the 1960 thriller, starring Anthony Perkins, was composed by Bernard Herrmann.

The manuscript includes the infamous violin sounds used to accompany the scene when actress Janet Leigh is murdered in the shower at Bates Motel.

The scene has become one of the most famous in cinema history and the movie is now considered to be one of Hitchcock’s greatest films.

It went on to be nominated for four Oscars, including best director.

Bonhams had hoped the work would sell for up to £40,000 and is now being returned to Herrmann’s third wife, Norma.

(BBC News)

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  1. In such a time of world financial crisis, it’s no wonder …

  2. You should be a die-hard moviegoer and music lover as well to appreciate this movie.

  3. This exact item, the musical score for Psycho is up for sale AGAIN on new series of Four Rooms, a Channel 4 programme on Wednesday at 8pm. Here’s a clip, check it out and see if the score sells this time!!



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