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“Alfred Hitchcock” by Peter Ackroyd

I was very fortunate to receive a pre-publication copy of Alfred Hitchcock, the new biography by Peter Ackroyd, which is released in the UK tomorrow. As noted on Wikipedia, Ackroyd is a noted “biographer, novelist, and critic with a particular interest in the history and culture of London”. As discussed in a previous blog post, there are no shortage of books about Alfred Hitchcock and Ackroyd is the latest to provide a biographical overview of… (read more)

“Hitchcock Lost and Found” and more…

Without a shadow of a doubt, Hitchcock is one of the most studied and written about directors of all time. At the time of writing, the Wiki lists 2,372 academic journal articles and over 200 books. From pop-up books through to an entire book about just one short film scene, and from London filming locations through to studies of architecture and set design in his films, it seems as though every aspect of Hitchcock’s life… (read more)

Hitchcock Annual Volume 18

Volume 18 of the Hitchcock Annual is now available to buy at your nearest book shop! Contents: Champagne (1928): The Nation’s Favorite Meets the Critics’ Choice — Amy Sargeant Hitchcock and Documentary: Re-editing Men of the Lightship — Charles Barr Hitchcock’s Newspaper: A “Thing in the Crowd” — John Bruns Intimate Violence: Marnie and Queer Resilience — David Greven Hitchcock and the Wandering Woman: The Influence of Italian Art Cinema on The Birds — Richard… (read more)