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Start saving your pennies!

Many thanks to Mr_Lowery for spotting the following DVDs that have just appeared on Hitchcock: The Complete Box Set (03/10/2005) Psycho: 45th Anniversary Edition (17/10/2005) Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season 1 (6 Discs) (31/10/2005) If have got the details correct, then October is going to be a very expensive month (R1 “Lifeboat” is due on 18th, and the remastered R1 “Masterpiece” collection is out on the 4th). Paolo emailed me to say that Sony… (read more)

More budget US DVDs and Lifeboat

It looks like Fox are finally going to release Lifeboat on DVD. The unconfirmed release date is October 18th. I’ve also got hold of a pile of US budget releases from Westlake Entertainment Group. I’ve yet to add screen grabs to the site, but the transfers appear to be similar to the old Laserlight/Delta releases. I’m not sure if these count as some of the cheapest Hitchcock DVDs to date, but they only cost $0.89… (read more)

new Universal box set

Universal have announced a new box – “Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection“. Initial reports suggested that it would simply be a repackaging of the 14 existing region 1 releases, along with a bonus 15th disc of new material. However, a new press releases has confirmed that although the DVDs will still contain the previously releases extras, the film transfers will be new digitally re-mastered versions. Universal Studios Home Video have announced the Region 1 DVD… (read more)

More screen grabs added to the site

I’ve added the two remaining DVDs from the French “Hitchcock – Le Maître du Suspens” box set to the site: Agent Secret (1936) – aka “Sabotage” Quatre de l’Espionnage (1936) – aka “Secret Agent” Although I had high hopes for this box set, it’s let down by the poor quality English audio language track on Lady Vanishes (Une Femme Disparait) and the enforced French subtitles. Unless you speak French, then the older German Early Years… (read more)

Lots of new DVDs!

I arrived back from a 3 day MetaLib training session in Newcastle to find a huge pile of Hitchcock DVDs waiting for me! :) You can expect to see screen grabs and confirmed specs for the following releases appearing on the site over the next few days: Box Set: Hitchcock – Le Mae du Suspens Bon Voyage / Aventure Malgache …along with 7 other Korean DVDs: The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) Young and… (read more)