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free Hitchcock DVDs with The Times

The UK Times newspaper is giving away 7 Hitchcock DVDs, starting on Sunday September 7th: The 39 Steps (Sunday) The Man Who Knew Too Much (Monday) Sabotage (Tuesday) Secret Agent (Wednesday) Young and Innocent (Thursday) Jamaica Inn (Friday) The Lady Vanishes (Saturday) Presumably these will be licensed transfers from Granada International?

Upcoming DVDs

Whilst we still wait for news the first official Bluray releases (my guess is that “North by Northwest” will be announced soon), standard DVDs just keep on coming! In the next few months, we have a new DVD of “Suspicion” (Kinowelt, Germany) as well as a bundling of Hitchcock’s two wartime propaganda films “Hitchcock French Resistance” (Network, UK). In France, Universal are bundling together all of their previous DVD releases (including both their US films… (read more)

new US sets from Universal in October

The DVD Times site is reporting that the long awaited Universal releases of “Psycho” and “Vertigo” will be released in October, along with “Rear Window“… Universal Studios Home Video have announced the Region 1 DVD release of new Two-Disc Special Editions of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, Rear Window and Vertigo on 7th October 2008. Priced at $26.98 SRP each, these two-disc sets are released under the Universal Legacy Series banner and offer the following features… Psycho… (read more)

MGM: Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection

4 years after MGM initially announced it was going to release a box set of Hitchcock films (including the films he made for Selznick), it looks like we’re finally going to get something! Because MGM wanted to release the films, Criterion had to move their existing DVDs to “out-of-print”, so the Hitchcock/Selznick films have been unavailable in the US since then. Full details of the set are available on the DVD Active web site: Title:… (read more)

More details on the upcoming UK set…

Thanks to John Hodson for spotting that Network have added details of the upcoming 10 disc “Hitchcock: The British Years” to their web site. Looks like they’re pulling out the stops to include some great extras… Digitally restored versions of “The Lodger“, “The 39 Steps“, “Sabotage“, “Young and Innocent“, “The Lady Vanishes” and “Jamaica Inn“ “Cinema: Alfred Hitchcock” – unseen for forty years, Mike Scott interviews Hitchcock about his life and career “Aquarius: Alfred the… (read more)

The Lady Vanishes (Criterion, 2007)

I’ve added full details and images to the site for the new Criterion DVD of The Lady Vanishes. It’s pretty much a given that any Criterion Hitchcock DVD is well worth buying (especially as the out-of-print titles become very collectable). As with the last wave of Criterion Hitchcock DVDs (Spellbound, Notorious, and Rebecca), Criterion have come up trumps with both the transfer and the extras. The transfer is an improvement on the original DVD release… (read more)

10 DVD UK set from Network next year

Some great news for Hitchcock fans in the UK — Network are planning to release a 10 DVD set of early Hitchcock films (all licensed from Granada International) in early 2008 (probably in February). Full details haven’t been confirmed yet, but the set should contain: The Pleasure Garden (1925) The Lodger (1927) Downhill (1927) The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) The 39 Steps (1935) Secret Agent (1936) Sabotage (1936) Young and Innocent (1937) The… (read more)

“ABC News Classics” on DVD

When the “ABC News Classics: Grace Kelly” DVD first appeared on, I assumed it would be a compilation of TV news articles about the life of Grace Kelly. Oh boy, did I assume wrong! Unfortunately when I placed my pre-order, the product details on Amazon were sketchy and no running time was given. A quick Google search didn’t throw up any further details, so I thought “what the heck”. When the DVD arrived yesterday,… (read more)

Carry on saving those pennies!

October just keeps getting better for Hitchcock fans! Universal have just officially announced the region 1 “Hitchcock Presents: Season One” box set. (image courtesy of DVD Times) Hopefully we’ll have an announcement soon from Universal about the possible UK release of the set on October 31st. So, that now means the following are potentially going to be released in October 2005: Hitchcock: The Complete Box Set (UK) Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season One (USA) Alfred Hitchcock:… (read more)