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Movieland’s Spy Master

I can’t recall ever seeing this article reproduced before, so I thought I’d share it with you :) “Movieland’s Spy Master” appeared in the Montana Standard (08/Nov/1942) and looks to have originally been published in Every Week Magazine. The LIFE article it mentions is the well-known “Have You Heard?” photo essay. Movieland’s Spy Master When recent headlines screamed of spies landing on our shores in rubber boats, plenty of heads wagged and voices remarked: “Well,… (read more)

Favourite Hitchcock Baddie – round 1

Okay — so I forgot to include a few memorable baddies (like Bruno in “Strangers on a Train“), but here’s the results from last month’s poll: Interesting to see that neither Vandamm or Elster (who was surely the most cold-hearted of all Hitchcock baddies) picked up any votes. So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the winner of this round — Joseph Cotten as evil Uncle Charlie! You think you know something, don’t you? You… (read more)

1000 Frames of Hitchcock – part 5

Here are the last two for this week… Frenzy (1972) Shadow of a Doubt (1943) I couldn’t resist using the frames from Uncle Charlie’s speech — as he speaks the final words, he turns and stares straight into the camera… The cities are full of women, middle-aged widows, husbands, dead, husbands who’ve spent their lives making fortunes, working and working. And then they die and leave their money to their wives, their silly wives. And… (read more)