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Alfred Hitchcock says “Actors are Cattle!”

From the September 1941 issue of Hollywood Magazine Alfred Hitchcock says “Actors are Cattle!” A Hitchcock film always bears its own peculiar trademark—one brief scene in which the famous director himself appears. Top left, he eavesdrops momentarily in “Rebecca”. Hitchcock resorts to drastic means to obtain realism. For the scene at right in “Foreign Correspondent” he kept Joel McCrea in water for 30 minutes, and he handcuffed Madeleine Carroll and Robert Donat together for hours… (read more)

1976 interview with Hitchcock

Tony Macklin, former editor of the “Film Heritage” magazine, has just posted a 1976 audio recording of an interview he had with Hitchcock… The Hitch interview was one of two in which I was a bit intimidated. (The other, of course, was Sam Peckinpah.) A critic friend of mine had interviewed Hitch and said the master had led him to a freezer, and he had thought for an instant that Hitch was going to lock… (read more)