Hitchcock and Truffaut

In early 2006, Tom Sutpen started posting parts of the famous Hitchcock and Truffaut interviews from 1962 on his “if charlie parker was a gunslinger…” blog.

All in all, Hitchcock and Truffaut recorded over 50 26 hours of interviews (with the help of translator Helen Scott), and these were eventually edited down into the “Hitchcock/Truffaut” book (released in 1967).

Approximately 12 hours of the interviews were broadcast a few years ago on French radio as a series of 25 half hour episodes, and it was these that Tom was using for his blog posts (currently up to part 13).

For those of you who are curious to hear the remaining 12 episodes, I’ve finally gotten around to adding all 25 parts to the wiki.

I’ve also added a television interview (dated 13/Apr/1984) from the “Apostrophes” series in which host Bernard Pivot talks to Truffaut about Hitchcock. This would be Truffaut’s last public appearance before his death in October 1984. The video is French language with Italian subtitles.

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  1. Dave,
    Thanks and congratulations for this.
    May I say that the recording of the AH/Truffaut interview was actually 26 hours long (52 reels of 30 min tapes).Madeleine Morgenstern ( Truffaut’s widow ) confirmed that fact to me.
    She also said that two copies are kept,one in France(BiFi in Paris) and another one in the US (Margaret Herrick Library in California).

  2. Thanks for that Alain — I found the figure of 50+ hours via a Google search!

  3. Can you please tell me where I can get mp3 copies of these interviews? I am currently working on a hitchcock project, and yours is the most complete sound recordings I’ve found.

  4. Here’s a zip file containing the 25 parts that were broadcast on French radio:


    Higher quality versions of the files can be found on the eDonkey peer-to-peer network:

    Hitchcock & Truffaut – Entretiens (1962).rar (25 mp3 files)

    Hitchcock Truffaut – The Interviews – 25 Episodes 128kbps.zip

  5. Hi there,
    I know a production manager of one of Hitchcock’s films. He has a copy of the original 1967 Hitchcock & Truffaut. This is not just any copy, it is signed by hitch with his signature hitch face.

    How much do you think this would be worth today?

    Thanks everyone!


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