Welcome to the new web site!

Welcome to the new site!

As well as a new web domain (hitchcock.zone), the site has been moved to a new dedicated web server hosted by the lovely people at Linode.

We’re still in the process of moving everything across from the old web server but, if you spot any problems, please feel free to leave feedback :-)

As a bit of background to the move, my attempt to pre-register the domain hitchcock.wiki was rejected and instead it was given to someone named Jeff Young at http://rightside.co/. What his intentions are for registering the domain are, I cannot say, but the Hitchcock Wiki has been in existence since 2006, so I have to assume the possibility that he’s a cybersquatter.

As a precaution, I’d pre-registered hitchcock.zone (and then alfredhitchcock.zone and hitchcockzone.com), so took the decision to rebrand the site with that domain.

Any bookmarked links to hitchwiki.com or hitchcockwiki.com should continue to work and will redirect to the relevant page on the.hitchcock.zone.

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