“Smooth skin – the Open Sesame to screen loveliness”

Time for a commercial break and a quick word from Hitchcock’s sponsors!

Here’s a fun advert, taken from the Yorkshire Evening Post newspaper (01/May/1929)…

Alfred Hitchcock, director for British International Pictures Ltd., says

“Smooth skin — the Open Sesame to screen loveliness”

“The girl who goes into pictures — and makes good — looks after her skin. For it is useless to rely on make-up. The skin underneath must be smooth, flowerlike, beautiful, to withstand the glare of the studio lights. There is no greater appeal that than of a naturally lovely skin.” ALFRED HITCHCOCK

…however, as Hitchcock pointed out in an early product placement for the soap in The Pleasure Garden (1925), what every chorus girl knows is that you can wash your stockings in Lux :-D

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